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SIREN the 13th at APEX

August 11, 2010

A little over 28 DAYS LATER, after a massively successful July 9 SIREN party, we welcome you back to hear the best of 1997-2003 dance music, mixed with the dirtiest, sexiest electro bitchpop out there. We have a SIXTH SENSE that we’ll be the FINAL DESTINATION of everyone in your social SPHERE, as well as all THE OTHERS who will MIMIC you and your wonderfully awesome poor life choices. So come experience this EVENT HORIZON on F…RIDAY THE 13th, as the URBAN LEGEND that is SIREN will be quite THE RAGE(:CARRIE 2)!

Listen to the SIREN The 13th SamplerMix:

Friday, August 13th

DJ MAJR & DJ Aaron Riggins
Laser eyes, electropop, 1997-2003 scary movies and music & Golden Lanai
Doors 9 PM
18 and up
$8 cover
Poor life choices are free


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