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April Homo Hotel Happy Hour – Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 14, 2009

The Dupont Hotel 

Cafe Dupont

1500 New Hampshire Ave, NW

April 16, 2009

5:30 PM



The Hotel:

The Dupont Hotel – formerly the Jurys Washington – completed its first wave of renovations on March 23, 2009. Construction crews are still working on Level 9, the additional floor and roof terrace, but have finished the food and beverage spaces, rooms and lobby. Be some of the first to experience this chic new space in DC’s premier new hotel.

Our Space:

Café Dupont – formerly known as Dupont Grille – will be exclusively for Homo Hotel Happy Hour patrons. This is the space that looks a bit like a giant glass cube. There are also several floor-to-ceiling glass doors that will be open allowing us to spill outdoors. In this space, drinks will be ticketed. I’m not a HUGE fan of this process, but I’m going to give it another try to see if it eases any of the wait times at the bar. Drink prices will be as follows: $6 for the Pomegranate Mojito, $5 for Beer, $8 for Wine or Liquor. These prices are reduced from the standard Dupont Hotel prices. Dupont Grille will have four bars with seven bartenders and two desks to purchase tickets. Both cash and credit cards will be accepted, but cash always speeds things up!

The other bar space in The Dupont Hotel, Bar Dupont, is open to the general public and will not be honoring the drink specials and prices. This does give you the option of not buying drink tickets, but cocktails will be at a slightly higher cost. Also, if things get a little hectic in Café Dupont, I encourage you to walk over to Bar Dupont for the additional space and bar staff. As always feel free to spill out into the lobby and take over!

The Cause:

Please note the drink special, the Pomegranate Mojito, is the fundraising tool of the event. One dollar from the sale of each special will go toward this month’s cause. Please make it a point to purchase at least one of these to help our cause.

This month’s LGBT partner is Burgundy Crescent, the source of LGBT volunteers for gay and gay-friendly non-profit organizations in DC, MD, and VA. BCV is an all-volunteer 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. While this month’s partner is Burgundy Crescent, they have requested that the donation from this month’s event be given to the Whitman Walker Clinic’s Gay Men’s Peer Counseling program.

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